I am Gerald Castillo — an "always learning" Front End Developer and a part-time Dwight Schrute Fanatic.

Who Am I?

Quick Introduction

I wake up every morning and work hard so that my dog, Nike, can live the spoiled life he deserves.

I grew up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and later attended George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA, where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

Since graduating in 2016, I have remained in the DC Metro Area where I am currently employed at EVERFI as a Front End Engineer.


React. AngularJS. Javascript. Java. Bootstrap. Flexbox.


Basketball. DC Sports. Road Cycling. Collecting sneakers. Streetwear. Pokémon. DC Comics.


Philadelphia Eagles. Adidas. Driving in DC. When people stand on the left side of the metro escalators.

Products of Boredom and Curiosity.


You're here! I decided to take the opportunity to explore new technologies (highlighted with an asterisk below) to give my website a refresh.

Gatsby*. Prismic* (Headless CMS). React. Flexbox.

Jewelry Store

The customer approached my team because they wanted a more modern website. Their site had not been updated in a few years and they did not want an older website design to turn customers away from walking into their store. They wanted their first impression online to be one that could be trusted.

The customer emphasized the desire for a site that was minimalist and easy to update (CMS).

Designed by Miguel Ablaza.

Gatsby. Prismic. React. Flexbox.

Dog Park Locator

A simple app to locate nearby dog parks.

React. Sass. Google Maps API. Foursquare API.